How to Capture the Perfectness of Your Wedding Day in a Portrait Session

It’s not “Just” a Wedding: Tips for Creating the Perfect Day

As you prepare for your wedding day, one of the most important decisions to make is how to document it. There are many ways that you could choose from: video recording, photography, or a combination of both. But what if we told you there was another option? A way to capture every moment exactly as they happen; with no editing needed and no risk of missing anything? That’s right! Between our two photographers at the event, we can provide a complete coverage throughout the entire day and night so click on maine engagement photos for more information!

A portrait session is a great way to capture the day from a different perspective, and it’s perfect for those couples who want an alternative wedding photo experience. Plus, because we are using natural light in our studio during the session, you can expect your images to have that soft feel that always makes them look timeless!

Maine Engagement Photos

Here’s how it all works:

– You provide one outfit (i.e., something nice). We will dress up everyone else on set with attire appropriate for the occasion . For example,… if you have ties at their wedding or tuxes, then we will provide those for the people on set.

– We’ll have a chalkboard ready to display your wedding date, location and any other information you might like included. This can be customized with anything from your monogram or logo to handwritten notes of appreciation that only you know about!

– We’ll provide a private room in our studio for the day of your shoot. You can invite as many people as you would like to be there, and they will also get photos on their phone!

A portrait session is perfect if:

-You’re not keen on video recording or taking posed pictures at an event.

-You want something different from what everyone else has seen before (i.e., great images!).

If this sounds perfect for you, then we encourage you to reach out anytime with any questions that may arise! We have two photographers waiting by the phone 24 hours a day just waiting to make your vision come alive through photography. To book, please contact us today.