How Can I Live Traveling

Who has never daydreamed of living traveling? I think that as children (and not so young) we will all have said at least once that when we grew up we wanted to dedicate ourselves to traveling. How not to do it, if traveling is beautiful! However, for many of us it always seemed like a utopia, something too good to be possible.

Luckily, over the years things progressed in such a way that living traveling stopped being a dream and became a possibility and today, more and more of us are able to transform our lifestyle completely and dedicate ourselves to do what we always wanted.

There are few days when no one asks me how I can live traveling and that shows me that many still believe that it is something impossible. With this post I don’t want to tell you that living traveling is super easy, that you just have to hang up your backpack, go out into the world and things start to flow. I fervently believe in the energy of the universe and that if we want something with all our strength we can achieve it, but for everything to go as we want we also have to put some effort on our part and work for it.

Write For Others

I started writing for others in 2009 with almost no planning. I was in my second year of a journalism degree and wanted to gain some experience writing when I came across a post on Facebook asking people to write about tourist destinations. Bingo! You had to write about travel, nothing could be better.

Have Your Own Project

I cannot say that my blog gave me income from the first moment because to begin with I was not born with that intention and to continue, at that time I did not know almost anyone who was dedicated to this and had very little knowledge about positioning and marketing. All were things that I was learning little by little and with the passage of time. If Bitácora Viajera had been born today, I am sure that a thousand things would have been done differently, but I am not complaining, I am where I am thanks to all the time, work and effort I put into it and I am very happy about it.

Work Freelance

Yes, both writing for others or working with my blog are freelance jobs, but I don’t want you to believe that the only thing you can do online is write.

Thanks to the Internet today, almost everything can be done online and probably what you know or like to do the most. There are many platforms where I can get a job on the internet (although don’t ask me why, what worked best for me was always Facebook ) and surely you can find something that interests you.

For my part, I started working on social networks (for third parties, because I had been doing it before for Bitácora Viajera) in 2012 and I continue to do so today. It is, if you will, my fixed income per month and I have a lot of fun doing it.

It is totally flexible and is how practically all of us who dedicate ourselves to live traveling do. Of course, you have to sacrifice many things and be very organized, but it is worth it. And to think that there are people who believe that we are millionaires!

Get A Working Holiday Visa

It is true that it can be very sacrificing, that you work many hours and sometimes in places you never imagined, but a Working Holiday visa can allow you to raise a lot of money that will serve as a base to start with.

Do Not Waste

I live my life on the road in the same way that I would when I was at home and I have a good time. If I want to indulge myself, I indulge myself because I know that I have to enjoy what I have and what I’m doing, and because it’s not something I’m going to do every day either (nor would I if I were there).