How to Decorate Your First House

Make It Homey!

Now that you own a house, it is finally time to move in and start decorating it! If you are like me, this may be your first time decorating a house on your own. If that is the case then I am here to provide some tips and tricks for those just starting out! If you want to work with the best, make sure to contact Essex builder service!

A few things not to forget about when furnishing or painting:

*The color of the walls can change the mood of any room; paint them in light colors so it feels more spacious, bright, and inviting. Darker colors will make rooms feel smaller.***If you want a mix of both warm and cool tones try using muted shades with pops of bold hues from nearby furniture pieces.

* Furniture should also have matching finishes (such as an old vanity table with different types of wood) if possible

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*When choosing rugs, think about the size of your room and if you want to visually divide up space

*A mix of both antiques (such as an old school desk) and newer furniture pieces can help spice up a boring living room

*The kitchen should be welcoming for family members so invest in a nice dining table with chairs that will also double as extra workspace. Avoid making it too cramped or dark by adding light fixtures and art deco touches like chrome accents on appliances

*Don’t forget the windows! Try using white window frames or clean-lined curtains to let in more natural light

*Last but not least, think about the flooring. Do you like a carpet or tile? Consider how kids and pets will be interacting with it. If you want to add accents try using contrasting colors for rugs, pillows, artwork…