Locksmith In Brentwood Essex

Losing the key to my house is really upsetting: What I can do now

“I lost the key to my house! What am I going to do now? The last thing I want is for someone else to break in and steal all of my belongings!”. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do.

Check the curb: If someone found your key and put it on their doorstep, you could get lucky.

Ask around: The chances are low that someone else lost a key to their house at the same time as you but if they did then we might be able to swap keys. Or, maybe someone saw your key somewhere and picked it up for you.

Go back the same road you made that day. You might have dropped it somewhere along your way.

Locksmith In Brentwood Essex

Call a locksmith: You can get someone to come and make you new keys for the door, or change the lock altogether if that is needed. There is locksmith in Brentwood Essex area so it shouldn’t cost too much money to get your problem solved.

Call the police: If you have called a locksmith and they are unable to help, then call the police as soon as possible. They might be able to offer advice or assistance if this is a more serious issue.

Know how to prevent this from happening again: It is important that if your keys ever go missing, make sure they are copied before something like this happens so there’s no need to panic next time! This way nobody will have access to your home without permission. Also, buy some colorful keychain so that your keys are easily noticable and harder to lose. Make sure you always put them in exactly the same place in your jacket/pocket/bag.